How A Nanny Can Save Parents Time

How Your Nanny Can Save You Precious Time!

Many of today’s households feature two working parents. Time at home can be tight, especially with a long list of chores to accomplish. Oftentimes parents will search for ways to save time, in order to spend more with their children. Fortunately parents with nannies have a huge advantage: namely, their nanny! A productive and organized nanny can help to save busy families energy and that oh-so precious time.

Here are a few ways your nanny can help you:

  • Helping With Laundry – Nannies will often do the children’s laundry as part of their standard job. But that still leaves you with the task of washing, drying and putting away all your own clothing – plus all the towels and sheets. This can reduce the precious time that you have with your children. Including this simple task into your nannies job description and contract can significantly save you time.
  • Household Supply List – How often have you gone to the store, only to find out you don’t know what the house needs? By having your nanny create a simple inventory list, she can keep you informed on what the house needs. This list can help you reduce – or eliminate – last minute errands.
  • Household Shopping – Having your nanny keep a running list of needed items is definitely a time saver. But you can save even more time by having your nanny purchase all the items on the list. She can take your children with her and make it fun and educational experience too.
  • School Homework and Projects – Having your children do homework and school projects while you’re home takes up a lot of time. Not to mention buying school supplies, baking treats, making cards and a whole slew of other school related needs. While it’s nice to take on all of these tasks, let your nanny take on a few. It won’t only save you time, but probably stress as well. And before you ask, no this isn’t cheating – it’s simply taking some help when and where you need it!
  • Organize Calendars – Let’s face it, your family is busy and it can be hard to keep track of everyone’s schedule. Your nanny can act as a coordinator and ensure that all important activities, dates, doctors appointments and supplies are added to your calender. With many different online calendar options, she can ensure that there are both family and individual calendars. She can upload all the information and even set reminders to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Parents with nannies have a true opportunity to gain some extra time, simply by tailoring her job description to suit your families needs. Remember, don’t overload your nanny with every task; after all, a single person can only do so much.