Sleep at Ease With a Night Nanny

Parents Are Sleeping Better With the Help of Night Nannies


For many parents, both first-timers and veterans alike, the first few months with a newborn is highly stressful. Especially for those with babies that don’t sleep well during the night. Many times, parents don’t get the sleep they need to cope with the high demands of a newborn. These dramatic, altering lifestyle changes leave parents exhausted, frustrated and confused – and this carries over into other parts of their life. These life-changing events are especially hard on couples who live away from the support and advise of loved ones. Struggling to cope with the demands, and lack of sleep from a newborn, leave couples at the end of their wits. However, many parents can wake refreshed with the help of a night nanny.

What is a Night Nanny?

A night nanny is an experienced, educated and qualified individual who lends a helping hand to parents during those tough overnight hours. He or she, will visit your home overnight to help with getting your fussy baby to sleep, and taking care of him or her through the night. This allows parents to get some quality time together and a restful night of sleep.

For parents who have other responsibilities, like work or older children, a night nanny can be a precious tool. The same goes for mothers who have had a Caesarean section or a difficult birth, a night nanny allows the mother to fully recover by taking the lead at night.

How Does a Night Nanny Help?

A night nanny can take on a wide range of responsibilities when it comes to caring for your baby overnight. He or she can:

  • Soothe your fussy baby to sleep
  • Help to establish an effective sleeping routine
  • Overnight feedings and changes
  • Sterilizing and preparing bottles for night or morning use
  • Washing and dressing the baby before bed or in the morning

If you are breastfeeding, a night nanny can work with you to find the right balance. He or she can either use bottled breast milk, or bring your baby to you. If you opt for night feedings, your night nanny will bring your baby to you and then settle them in their crib after.

As an added bonus, many night nannies are full of priceless advise. If you ever have any questions about breastfeeding, coping, activities, post natal depression or other child related issues, speak up and ask!

When Does a Night Nanny Work?

As the title suggests, a night nanny will work overnight. Typically a night nanny will arrive at your home around 8pm and will stay until 7am. However, these hours are negotiable and you can customize your nannies schedule to fit your needs. For special occasions, like Mothers Day or Valentines Day, you can re-negotiate with your night nanny for a bit extra quality alone time.

Depending on your needs, you can hire a night nanny for one night per week or all seven – it’s entirely up to you. However, many parents find that alternating nights gives them the perfect balance – leaving adequate time for sleeping and bonding!

How Much Does a Night Nanny Cost?

The cost for hiring a night nanny varies depending on your location, baby and age. However, you should expect to pay about $80 per night, plus an additional fee if you are working through a nanny agency.

Should You Hire a Night Nanny?

 As you can see, there are many advantages to hiring a nanny. If you can afford the service, it makes to sense to hire one – at least once a night per week. Asking for help does not make you a bad parent, it makes you smart. Getting a good nights sleep, even if just for one night, allows you to be a more devoted and attentive parent.

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