Should Your Nanny Make Personal Phone Calls While Caring For Your Child?

This may be a topic that many parents just don’t think about and automatically assume that the hired nanny is not constantly on the telephone while caring for a child. Unfortunately, there have been many reported cases of child injury and accidents while a hired nanny was socializing on the telephone. This has resulted in a delayed reaction to the injury and in many instances that accident could have been avoided, if the nanny had been paying attention to the child’s activities.

How to Avoid “I Didn’t Know”: A parent should be very specific as to what is expected of a hired nanny upon employment. It might be a good idea to discuss what qualifications in great depth during the interview process that, as a parent, you feel are appropriate and acceptable for anyone who is caring for your child/ children. A precise and open communication will supply the hired nanny with the knowledge and understanding as to how the parent wishes their child to be nurtured, while under the nannies supervision.

This information should be very in depth and explain to the nanny, as to what you will tolerate as an employer and what you will not. If you do not wish your nanny to make personal phone calls while caring for your child/ children, it should be stated, very blatantly so there is no confusion. If you are willing to make exceptions to phone use, such as, while the child is napping, that should also be explained.

It is also a good idea to explain privilege abuse and what would be a consequence if the nanny was actually spending hours on the phone for personal socializing. A way you can avoid any misunderstanding is by creating a employee handbook, that is signed and understood from the first day of employment. This will give the parents a justifiable reason for termination if the situation has progressed and is unacceptable.

Constant texting and talking should be avoided by any hired nanny, because it is a distraction and is consuming the time the nanny should be supervising a child. It is a known fact, that if a child knows that the care provider is preoccupied, there is a good chance that the child will explore and do things that he/ she normally would not do. A nanny should always be mindful of the child that is being cared for.

In the end the decision to allow the hired nanny to socialize on the telephone is a decision the parents will have to discuss and determine.

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