Why You Should Consider a Nanny During Divorce

Four Reasons to Hire a Nanny During a Divorce

Going through a divorce is an emotional time that is hard for both adults and children. If you have recently gone through a divorce and are now sharing custody of your children, you’re likely experiencing the stress involved. Parents who have joint custody of their children typically have a hard time balancing their work and family lives. After a divorce each parent is left alone struggling to achieve a healthy balance and finding childcare is often a huge debate.

Often times divorced parents are overwhelmed with their day-to-day lives and childcare tends to take a backseat. While divorce is tough the stress can be lessened by hiring a full-time nanny. A nanny is a great choice for childcare, providing emotional support and stability for both the adults and children involved. In addition, a nanny can ease the stresses involved with co-parenting and act as a safeguard.

Below are some of the benefits of hiring a nanny during divorce:

  • Consistent Care: After a divorce children are left in limbo, being shuffled from home to home. With so much change going on in the children’s life, a nanny can provide consistent care. A nanny will essentially ensure that children are adhering to their schedules and routines – at both homes. In addition, a nanny will ensure that children remain uplifted by making them feel secure. Moreover, a nanny will put the children’s care first and foremost which ensure safe, healthy and happy kids.
  • Stability: What parents often overlook is simple, but important – this divorce affects the children most. A divorce leaves a child’s world upside down as everything around them changes, and this is where nannies come in. A nanny will reinforce stability into a child’s life as the nanny will be with them, at both homes. In addition, a nanny can provide much needed solace for children, as a child can go to the nanny with any concerns. In fact, children who have nannies during a divorce are more likely to keep their grades up, socialize and remain happier overall.
  • Act as an Advocate: During a divorce children need someone to advocate for them and a nanny fits this role. A nanny will always ensure that the children’s needs are met, no matter which home they’re at. Not to mention, a nanny will provide a great support system for children that are confused, stressed or feeling guilty during the proceedings. In addition, nanny can also inform parents if their child is feeling neglected or hurt by the divorce, which allows parents the ability to reinforce their children that they are, in fact, loved.
  • Communication: Both during and after a divorce parents often feel scorned, hurt and depressed which leads to poor communication. However, a nanny may be able to help facilitate communication between parents – both about their children and otherwise. While parents shouldn’t use a nanny as go between, a nanny may make it easier for parents to have successful communication. In addition, a nanny can drive children to and from school, the houses and events which protects them from seeing fighting parents. It’s important that each parent communicates with the nanny about schedules, important messages and anything that may involve the children.

As you can see, hiring a nanny during divorce may be a wise idea. If you’re thinking of hiring a nanny because of divorce, or perhaps you simply need a nanny, it’s important that you hire a nanny who is good with communication. In addition, you will want to select a nanny that you can trust during these ugly times. Lastly, you must arm your nanny will a detailed agreement, custody schedule and expectations. By hiring a great nanny and treating her well, you will have a friend and confidant during these tough times. Not to mention, you’ll know your children are safe and sound.

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