4 Clever Places to Hide Your Nanny-Cam

 Don’t Know Where to Hide Your Nanny-Cam? Let Us Help!

Each year there is a spike in home surveillance purchases, and for good reason. With all the news of neglectful nannies plastered on the web, news and in social circles, parents are taking a leap and purchasing nanny-cams. For those of you that don’t know, a nanny-cam is a clever little camera which can be placed in one, or all, of the rooms in your  house. These cameras provide both recorded and live feeds, allowing parents to monitor how their nanny treats their child. While the topic remains controversial, many parents agree that “nanny-cams” give them much-needed peace of mind.

However, unless you decide to inform your nanny of your desire to spy on them, you’re going to need a place to hide your nanny-cam. By finding the best hiding places in your home, you’ll get the best footage with the least chance of being discovered by your nanny – or worse, your child!

To help you find the very best hiding spot for your home, we’ve come up with 3 clever places to hide your nanny-cam:

1. Bookshelves – A bookshelf is a clever place to hide a nanny-cam. Why? Because a bookshelf is often cluttered with knick-knacks and not used everyday. You can place a nanny-cam amongst the knick-knacks, picture frames, books or other items on your bookshelf.

2. Entertainment Centers – Another great option for your nanny-cam is an entertainment center. You may be able to place your camera discretely behind glass, in-between movies or other items. If you believe your nanny will use your entertainment center, be sure to disguise the camera.

3. Stuffed Animals – Certain stores are now selling nanny-cams which are already disguised and placed inside a stuffed animal. However, even if you don’t purchase a pre-disguised nanny-cam, you can make your own – and save some money!

To make one, simply cut a whole in a teddy bears belly. Remove the extra stuffing and place the camera inside, lens facing outward. Once placed, you can sew around the camera to disguise it. In the back of the animal, cut an access panel to upload the footage. After that, simply place the stuffed animal in a place that won’t tempt your child.

4. Kitchen Cabinets – If your home features a kitchen with glass cabinets, you can easily hide a nanny-cam behind your china (or any dishes that won’t be used.) Simply place the camera behind a plate or glass, ensuring the lens gets a good view of the area. Kitchens are generally a high-traffic area, making them a great place to hide a nanny-cam.

Once you’ve chosen a spot, stick to it. Moving your disguised nanny-cam around frequently may cause suspicion – leading to your nanny finding it! If you’re unsure what spot will work best for you, try it out on days when you’re nanny isn’t there. This will allow you to tweak locations, before you actually use.

Weigh in! Where do you hide your nanny-cam?

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