What to Consider When Hiring a Live in vs. Live Out Nanny

What Type of Nanny is Best For Your Family?

If you’re considering a nanny you’ve probably noticed the many choices available. With so many options for parents, the common question is “Do I choose a live in or a live out nanny?” As with any choice, what type of nanny you choose largely depends on your family lifestyle. While live in nannies make a great option for busy families with multiple children. A live out nanny may suit a smaller family with a more organized schedule better.

In order to help parents decide between a live in vs a live out nanny, we’ve compiled some pro’s and con’s of each choice. Read below to see what type of nanny will suit your family best.

Things to Consider With a Live-In Nanny

A live in nanny is by far the best choice for busy families. However, you need to ensure that a live in nanny will suit your lifestyle and budget. Those with hectic work schedules entailing long work hours are best suited for a live in nanny. And while a live in nanny may suit your families schedule, they may not suit your families lifestyle. Often times a live in nanny will have more requirements, higher pay and a room in your home.

Some considerations to think about for live-in nannies:

  • She has a life of her own: Even though a live in nanny will be living in your home it’s important that your family respects her privacy. Just like you, your nanny will need personal time, days off and a set schedule. Respecting your live in nanny and realizing that she also has a life of her own will help prevent any hard feelings. Of course there will be times when you need your nanny on a short-notice, it happens. But by acknowledging her own life and setting a set schedule you’re letting your nanny know that you appreciate her.
  • Expectations need to be clear: There should be a clear outline of what is expected of your live in nanny. This outline should include any daily chores, errands, the children’s schedule and so on. A precise job description will prevent any confusion and feelings of regret. A live in nanny will be a big part of your families life and you don’t want her to feel like she’s being taken advantage of.
  • Who is in charge: In addition to a detailed job description, you need to set specific time frames of who is in charge and when. A live in nanny needs to know when she is responsible for your children and when they should address you. This helps your nanny to not step on your toes when it comes to discipline, feeding and other matters. Moreover, a outline of who is in charge will help prevent any confusion for your children.
  • Part of the family: What parents tend to forget is that your live in nanny will form a strong bond with your children. In fact, live in nannies tend to become part of the extended family. And while it’s crucial for your family to have a good relationship with the nanny, it needs to remain professional between the adults.

Downsides to Live In Nannies

While a live in nanny may be the ideal choice for certain families, they aren’t for everyone. A live in nanny does come with a few downsides for different families. One of the most common reason for families disliking live in nannies are the relationships. A live in nanny will form a strong bond with the children, making it hard for parents to maintain a strong bond with their children. Often times a parent will see a nanny as competition, and this is unhealthy for families. Privacy is also a common reason for parents choosing a live out nanny. Even those in large homes may find that a live in nanny may feel uncomfortable sharing their home with their nanny.

Before you choose what type of nanny is best for your family, you must take these things into consideration. After all a live in nanny is a big choice which must be taken with care. By knowing what comes with a live in nanny you can better prepare yourself – and your family.

A Live Out Nanny Offers the Best of Both Worlds

If a live in nanny doesn’t sound right for you, don’t fret. You can also choose a live out nanny- which is a nanny that will reside in her own home. If needed you can always let the nanny know that she will be needed overnight a few days a week and many will happily oblige.

A live out nanny is better for parents with a set schedule and shorter work hours. The live out nanny can pick up children, feed them and watch over them for a certain amount of time per day – usually until a parent returns home. This allows parents to remain the head of the family while ensuring their children are safe and healthy. A live out nanny is really the best of both worlds.

While both live in and live out nannies are great for parents, it’s important you carefully weigh the pro’s and con’s. Before hiring any childcare provider it’s crucial that you sit down with your family and talk about the best possible options. By being aware of what comes with each childcare option you can choose the perfect option for your family.

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