Should I allow My Nanny to Be On the Internet While Watching My Child?

This is question that many parents might be asking and may want to talk to the hired nanny about. One thing you might want to consider while determining if or if not, you will allow your nanny internet privileges is that most employers do not allow their employees to utilize the internet while on company time.

The nanny is hired to care for your child and is not being paid to surf the internet or interact on social networking sites during business hours. A parent should treat the care of the child as a business, a very delicate business and set a standard guideline, that should be followed to the letter by the hired nanny and internet usage, personal phone calls, texting should be nonnegotiable.

This is one reason why many parents install nanny camera’s in the home. A nanny camera is not only used to reassure the parent that the child is not being mistreated, but to monitor the nannies personal activates while caring for a child. If a parent is suspicious of the nannies daily routine, a nanny camera is a great way to monitor how the nanny is performing as a care giver.

A parent can also make an exception as to when and how long the nanny is allowed to use the internet, make personal phone calls, and instant text messaging. A good time to allow this liberty is while the child is either napping or has gone to bed for the evening. A nanny camera is also a good solution to insure that the nanny is not abusing this privilege.

The internet is a distraction and inevitably will monopolize the nannies time and attention, which could prevent the nannies most important duty; caring for your child.

A parent wants to have an good relationship with the individual that is caring for their child, but that does not mean that the quality care should be compromised in anyway and allowing extensive internet usage could be harmful to the quality care the nanny should be providing in your absence.

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