Shopping Mall Safety For Your Nanny

There may be a time when you will need your nanny to take your child/ children to the mall or shopping center to purchase a last minute item, maybe for a birthday party, or a school snack, for whatever reason, as a parent you want your nanny to be equipped with the necessary skills to protect your child from any potential harm.

Never Allow A Child To Go To The Restroom Unattended: A nanny should never allow a child boy/ or girl to go the restroom without being present. If the child is a little boy and is unable to utilize the woman’s restroom, it is suggested that the nanny wait for the child at the door entrance. Child abductions occur everyday and are targeted as victims when a child is left alone, even for only a minute.

Never Walk Away from a Child’s Stroller: A nanny should never walk away from a child, not even for a brief moment, because the results could be fatal. How many newspaper articles have been published about a parent, nanny, or a relative walking away from a child’s stroller for a split second, only to turn around and their child is gone. A nanny should always be alert and prepared for any form a danger, this includes child abduction.

Know Where the Child is You Are Caring For At All Times: No matter where a nanny is accompanying a child to, whether it is the mall or a movie, being alert and cautious of the surrounding area is imperative. Children have a tendency to become excited when they are at the mall and it is a known factor that the first place a child wants to see is the toys. It is a good idea to discuss staying together before actually getting to the mall. This can eliminate any misunderstandings and could be a defining factor in the child’s personal safety.

A parent should always discuss unwanted situations and explain in detail how they would like the nanny to care for the child/ children while away from home. A parent should always ask questions. It is not unheard of for a parent to quiz a nanny before even allowing a nanny to transport a child to a public place. Some scenarios you may want to question your nanny about are the following.

  • What if my child needs to use the restroom?
  • What would you do if you run into an old friend? ( That split second could make all the difference)
  • What would you do if you forgot a grocery item on the list?

These are just a few situations that a parent may want to discuss with the hired nanny. Communication is a key factor in any employer/ employee relationship and could potentially save your child from a dangerous situation.

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