Should Your Nanny Have First Aid Training?

Whenever parents are hiring any individual as nanny for their children, they look upon her having certain qualities or skills which will ensure that their children are in safe hands. A nanny is not only responsible for giving proper care to a child, but she’s also responsible for making sure that when parents return home from work, they should see their children happy and in healthy condition.

Apart from being cordial and caring, nanny should also have some skills or qualities. For instance, she should be trained on at least some basic medical procedures such as first aid. This will enable her to be able to assist the child in case of medical emergencies or disasters.

It is understood that small children while playing, may come across some injuries or situations when they would require medical assistance. In those cases their nanny should be at least able to dress the wounds properly and take necessary measures so that she doesn’t hurt the child more.

Before hiring a nanny parents can also ask the candidate to produce a certification of completion of first aid training course. Alternatively, they can hire a nanny through nanny providing agencies that make sure in advance that the nannies complete certain trainings and have adequate certifications before applying for the job.

If a nanny is employed with the family for a long time and has a good relationship with the family, they can direct her to various reputed medical institutes for her to pursue first aid training. The Red Cross Society is one such establishment who run reliable first aid training programs.

It is a good thing to know the basic first aid for everyone, then why not your nanny? Sometimes, the situation is unpredictable, and a person cannot wait for medical help to arrive, in those cases, if a nanny is aware of nursing certain injuries, then the life of child can be saved. What if there is a severe bruise or cut which follows on with a lot of blood flow, certainly the parents would want the nanny to act proactively and try to stop the blood flow so that blood loss is in control.

Keeping in mind, the safety of child, it is advisable to have a nanny who has completed her first aid training or request that your nanny become trained in first aid.

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