Finding the Right Nanny for Special Needs Children

Childcare for a special needs child can not only be expensive, it can also be difficult to find a provider with the skills and knowledge to give the appropriate care. While all children have their specific needs and they are unique in their own ways, children with disabilities can provide a unique challenge to the nanny in charge of care.

It is important for the nanny to be registered as a licensed child care provider before even being considered for the position. Being registered enables the appropriate background checks to be conducted so that the only those without tainted history’s may be qualified for the job. No one child, especially the most vulnerable ones, should be placed in the care of someone who has not had a valid background check.

Agencies that screen and hire nannies are especially useful for the family of a special needs child. This takes a lot of the guess-work out of hiring a nanny whom the family can trust. These agencies often require drug testing, personal, and often times, credit checks. This is to ensure that families get the nanny that best fits the needs of the child. Verifying experience through previous employers is an important way to determine the reliability and seriousness of the applicant. Special needs children, if not all children, do not react well to constantly changing caregivers. Especially with a role as important as the nanny.

Some nanny’s have received further education in early childhood development and intervention programs. These classes are specifically suited to meet the criteria necessary of working with disabled children. Certification programs are available to a nanny’s-to-be, and also to those experienced nanny’s that further their education and credentials for professional needs. These classes are often paid for by the employer, or family.

In some cases, nanny care can be included in a health care insurance program. Often times, caregivers are necessary to meet the needs of disabled children. In-home care has become common place for disabled people, young and old. Some studies show that around the clock care can reduce the incidents of emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

A nanny with a medical background is almost always a benefit. There are often R.N.’s, C.N.A.’s, all licensed, possibly retired, who are looking for work. When a child has specific physical and mental limitations, they are prone to situations that require immediate medical attention

Dietary needs can be critical in the care of a special needs child. Allergies in vulnerable children can be a tragic episode, so it is essential that specific nutrional guidelines are followed. This often requires continuing education nutritional health, which, in some cases, is paid for by the employer, health insurance, or government program.

Word of mouth is considered to be a good way for a family to find a nanny. Recommendations are available through websites, nanny agencies, and also within a local support group of parents with disabled children. It is important for an employer to make sure that all backgrounds are thoroughly checked to ensure the safety and integrity of the children.

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