Five Easy Tips For a Great Relationship With Your Nanny

Five Tips For a Happy Nanny

Once you’ve found a great nanny who is reliable and that both you and your children like, you’ve struck gold. You’ve found the diamond in the rough. However, once you’ve found a great nanny it’s up to you to maintain a good and healthy relationship. Often times finding the nanny is the easy part, and the hard part is keeping both you and your nanny happy. After all a nanny will likely be in your life for months or even years, so it’s crucial to keep the bond and relationship between you, your children and your nanny in good standing.

If you’ve never had a nanny or simply don’t know what to do next, it’s okay. Below are five easy tips for maintaining a great relationship with your nanny.

  1. Make your rules and expectations clear. It’s important to tell your nanny exactly what you expect from him or her from the very beginning. For example, if you want your nanny to do light housework, cook meals or pick your children up from school or after school activities it’s important that you outline their responsibilities from day one. You want the nanny to know exactly what is expected of him or her, because if you spring new demands upon them they may choose to decline the job or quit. In addition, by making your expectations clear you will keep the trust between the two of you, which is essential to keep your relationship healthy.
  2. Trust your nanny. Trusting your nanny can be hard, especially since you are trusting him or her with your home, possessions and your children, but it’s essential that you trust your nanny. You must trust that your nanny will follow your guidelines and use their best judgment when it comes to certain situations not previously outlined in your agreement. If you constantly call every half hour to check-in on the your nanny or constantly accuse them of wrongdoing, you’re relationship will go down hill quickly – and that’s not good for you or your children.
  3. Pay your nanny competitive wages. Your nanny deserves to earn a fair wage for looking after your children. Don’t stiff your nanny, look at what other nannies are earning and be sure to pay him or her in the same ballpark. It’s important to take into consideration your nannies age, previous experience and other factors to determine a fair wage. While paying your nanny a fair wage is important, it’s equally important to check the common pay amongst nannies. If your nanny is trying to stiff you by charging more than the common wage, that’s not fair either. Before you begin letting your nanny watch after your children, write up a contract that states pay wages, raises and their duties. A contract will protect both you and your nanny – and this helps with maintain trust in your relationship as well.
  4. Be considerate of your nanny. Respect, trust and consideration are really the most important aspects to maintaining a great relationship between you and your nanny. Let him or her know when you are running late, provide the necessary supplies, make sure he or she gets two days off a week and be sure to let your nanny know when you will need him or her as soon as you know. These things not only show your nanny that you are considerate, but it also shows your nanny that you respect him or her.
  5. Be appreciative – say thank you! This easy tip can not be said enough, thank your nanny. Seriously, it’s important to thank your nanny every time they are done watching your children. Your nanny will develop a relationship with not only you, but more importantly your children. Thanking your nanny shows good manners and that you care, which essentially teaches your children good manners. Not to mention saying a simple “thank you” to your nanny shows that you care about them, and more importantly, you think they are doing a good job.

These are simple and easy tips to maintaining a good relationship with your nanny. Although these tips are common knowledge, we often forget. The importance of mutual respect and manners really goes a long way, especially in these times of disconnect. These easy tips can ensure that you, your children and your nanny have a great and long-lasting relationship.

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