Finding A Nanny While On Vacation – 6 Tips Every Parent Must Know

Need A Nanny While On Vacation? These Tips Can Help!

Planning a family vacation is fun and exciting for most people. However, bringing children along may limit the fun for adults – especially for exclusive adults-only activities. While parents want to bring their children and want them to have fun, they also want to have their own fun. In this instance, it’s important for parents to quickly find an appropriate childcare service or nanny. But, finding a nanny in a new place can be challenging.

Below are 6 tips to help parents find the best nanny or childcare provider while on vacation:

  1. Local Nanny Agencies – Parents tend to be under the assumption that local nanny agencies are designed specifically for full-time arrangements. However, this is simply untrue. Many nanny agencies happily offer on-call services for parents visiting town or on vacation.
  2. Hotel Guest Services – Finding a great nanny can be as simple as calling the guest services department of the hotel. Many hotels offer affordable rates for in-room nanny services. If the hotel does not, the concierge may be able to point parents in the right direction, or even suggest a nanny they use and love.
  3. Plan Ahead – When making plans to secure a nanny, it’s obviously best to do it in advance. Many local agencies will happily suggest or provide a nanny for parents new to town. Planning ahead can prevent any mishaps, which ensures a fun-filled stress-free vacation for all. After all, there’s nothing worse then learning all the nannies are booked for your exclusive adults-only night out!
  4. Online Services – There are many online nanny and childcare services designed for parents. These websites connect parents with local nannies on an as-needed basis. Parents can post wanted ads, perform background checks and even phone interviews for free.
  5. Bring Your Personal Nanny – Families that employ a permanent nanny may want to bring her along. It’s definitely a good option for parents, as it reduces the headaches and stress involved with finding a new temporary nanny. However, it’s important to remember that it’s not your vacation, not hers – so pay her accordingly.
  6. Use Travel Companions – Families planning a group vacation can switch out adult nights. Parents can trade which night they’ll watch the children and go out. This approach makes it easy to ensure children get quality care, without the stress of finding a nanny in a new location.

While traveling with children can be stressful, parents can enjoy a peaceful night out with a trustworthy nanny. Don’t hesitate to ask friends, family, hotel concierge or even local nanny agencies for help. After all, that’s what they’re there for!


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