Do Grandparents Really Make The Best Nannies?

Would You Hire Your Grandmother or Grandfather as a nanny?

Over the years childcare trends have changed, leaving grandparents very low on the list of potential caregivers. Often times parents will choose public daycare centers or neighborhood babysitters. However, grandparents make a great choice for nannies and here’s why:

  • Familiarity – Instead of leaving your children in the hands of a stranger, hire your parents to watch after the children. Children already know and love their grandparents, making it a great choice. Plus, grandparents are smart, experienced and show a tremendous amount of affection – all important aspects for growing children!
  • Peace Of Mind – Grandparents have decades of childcare experience. After all, they raised you safely! When your own parents are in charge of watching your children, you can rest at ease knowing they are safe and taken care of.
  • Shared Parenting Styles – Often times a mother will raise her children the same way she was raised. If you and your parents share the same parenting style, you can rest assured that your children will receive consistency with rules and discipline.
  • Affordable – Daycare, babysitter and nanny fees can quickly add up. Luckily, your parents probably won’t charge as much – if at all – to watch after your children.
  • Improve Kids’ Knowledge – It may come as a surprise, but grandparents are great teachers. In fact, studies have shown that children who spend extended amounts of time with their grandparents have an increased vocabulary. This is partially due to the fact that grandparents sit down and talk with children. Plus, they use proper grammar and sentence flow!
  • Easy Communication – You likely speak with your parents weekly or daily – if not more – which makes communication easy. A nanny may not speak with you about concerns, but you can be sure that your parents will.
  • Strong Family Bonds – Hiring your parents as a nanny creates a strong family bond. After all, your children get to spend time with you and their grandparents. This allows everyone in the family to make strong family bonds with each other – which is incredibly important in these times.
  • Reducing Separation Anxiety – Children often panic just at the sight of parents heading towards to door. However, grandparents can help reduce the little ones anxiety. Children that are left in friendly, comfortable and familiar hands are more likely to be happy while you’re away – and when you return!


While grandparents may not make the best nannies, they do pose many benefits. When considering your parents as a childcare provider, it is important to factor in their health and physical well-being. If they aren’t able to keep up with the children, they may be better as just grandparents. However the results stand true, grandparents do make good nannies.

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