No Second Rate Nannies for Single Parents

No one wants to settle for second rate childcare, especially the single parent. Extensive research is done to make sure children are well cared for in a daycare setting. Referral services are abound, as single parents race to find the best fit for their child when it comes to daycare.

Hiring a nanny is no different. Nannies come most often as highly trained individuals with extensive background in teaching, psychology, and overall child care. Through history, nannies have been used in the care of children while parents made their lives in the financial or social arena. Often referred to as servants during this time, now they are considered educated experts in the fields of child rearing, possibly thanks to the new role they take on national television (Super Nanny).

Compared to their daycare counterparts, Nannies come at a hefty price. Depending on the geographical location, some nannies can have rates anywhere from $9 per hour to $25 per hour. This rate not only depends on the providers experience and credentials, but also whether this is a live-in position, or a full and part time job.

Single parents often cannot afford the cost of a nanny. Some agree that parents should not have to settle for second rate daycare centers, nor should they have to settle for second rate nannies. There are avenues for which a single parent can receive the services of a nanny. Though there is no specific agency that can pay or even supplement for these types of services, single parents everyday are finding more and more options to get exactly the kind of child care they feel their children deserve.

Many use the extra money received every year through the Child Tax Credit, which can be claimed on your federal tax return. Often, these credits will surpass the actual tax owed, giving the recipients a large refund which some use to for child care expenses, and in some cases, the hiring of an experienced nanny.

Another option used by single parents is the support that they receive from the absent parent. A working, single parent will often use child support payments to ensure that the proper care is taken of their children. Some choose a nanny for the simple purpose of keeping their children at home, and also the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the child is in safe, competent hands of a professional, as most nannies refer themselves to be.

Divorced or separated parents can and often work together to ensure that the child is in the respected hands of a nanny. When the cost is split between two adults, the cost most often comes out to be less than that of an accredited and licensed daycare facility. Another added advantage of hiring a nanny is that they can often travel with the family, being a constant companion and figure for the children, even on vacation and business trips.

Hiring a nanny isn’t cheap, and the costs will rise with inflation and cost of living. Many feel that this is the way to go with their daycare, for the closer and more interpersonal bond than that of a typical care facility. If planned thoroughly and budgeted wisely, there would be no need to hire a daycare facility or second rate nanny. There are plenty of accredited workers available on any budget. It just needs to be planned ahead wisely.