Simple Back Ground Check Information For Your Nanny

One of the most important decision a parent will have to make, is choosing the perfect nanny to care for your child/children while you are away from home. There are many parents that might not think that this process is necessary, but should reconsider and insist that the applicant supply a background check report upon employment.

How to Conduct A Background Check

The process is really very simple and in the end could be a determining factor, as to who you hire to care for your children. In many cases a potential nanny will supply you with a up to date background check during the interview process or you can request that an applicant complete the required forms and willingly consent to a criminal background check. The nanny will have to consent to the testing and sign a release of information form, which will require some personal information about the nanny, such as, photo id, social security number, and address information.

Once you have collected the information and the signed consent form from the nanny you can then proceed to the nearest state facility to request a background check. In most instances the nanny will have to be present for the testing to be initiated and federal finger printing will also be a requirement to obtain an extensive National Background Check.

Why Is A Background Check Important

A parent should want to know Who, is caring for their child/ children and if that individual has a criminal background that could potentially be harmful to the welfare of a child. As an employer, this does not mean that you can discriminate against an individual because they have a criminal record, but a background check can supply a parent with imperative information, such as, if the applicant is a registered sex offender, or any conviction that could endanger your child/children in your absence.

Where To Get A Background Check

Any State or Federal agency will conduct a background check, but there is a small fee that is required for this service. A local police department can conduct a county background check, A sheriffs department can finger print and conduct a federal background check, or you can submit the information to an online investigating service. The online service produces information normally within two days, but there have been reports of inaccurate results. A state and federal institution may take up to several weeks to receive the results, but there is a less chance that the report will be inaccurate.

A background check is a simple process and should be considered by any parent that is in search of a professional child care provider.